Day: December 11, 2017

Crockers 2.0 – Say hello to our new home

The time has come to finally reveal where we will be moving our little restaurant to. Scott and I first viewed this property in early June 2017 and have been keeping this little secret the whole time. Trust me it has been hard and I’ve wanted to tell everyone all the time!

So where are we off to? Come Spring 2018 we will be making the beautiful market town of Tring our new home. A lot of people have guessed it and many have seen the notifications in the local papers. I apologise to those that we have completely denied the fact we’re moving to Tring to. I wanted to keep it quiet until we had planning permission and signed the lease. Where in Tring will we be? We’re taking over the old Hyatt’s Photography Studio just down from the library.

I’m sure a lot of people will want to know why we chose to move to Tring? There have been plenty of guests giving their opinions on where we should move to, especially when not asked for. As with Potten End it was a stroke of luck. I was in speaking with Ben and Kate at Campfire Gin saying I was finding it hard to find another venue. Ben mentioned that the Hyatt’s building was becoming available, how he knew I don’t know but Ben is very well connected in the town.

A quick bit of digging led to me to find out who the agent was and a viewing was booked very quickly. The rest as they say is history. Obviously our guests have been very interested in where we are moving and I hope that they will find this as exciting as we do. We will be converting the ground floor into a wine & cocktail bar, the first floor will become the new Chef’s Table with a big view into the new open kitchen.

When will we open? We already have people begging to book in to our new Tring home but we currently don’t have an opening date. We are aiming for an opening in April at this time but that will be confirmed as soon as possible. I’m currently working on a new website for Crockers Tring which should be finished and live for bookings in January. If any of our guests have any questions please drop me an email at and make sure you find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll be documenting the works and progress as we work towards opening our new home.