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Crockers Tring – The Building Site

Well hello 2018!

Sorry it's been a while but we had a little bit of down time over Christmas. 

After so much stress and time with the solicitors I can't believe we're now two weeks into our renovation of our new site in Tring. Unfortunately most of these two weeks have been spent removing all the rubbish that was left behind but we're now seeing some real changes.      

Our new bar area was the first part to change. It started out as two rooms divided by a white wall with a tiny door in the middle. One day I popped in and the guys had smashed out the wall and opened the room up. The light was now pouring into the bar and it looked absolutely stunning. They have now opened up a new door way that our guest will use to access the downstairs toilets. I can't wait to see this space when it's finished and the daylight is pouring in through those massive windows! 

The other major change in these two weeks was when the chaps knocked out the wall to open up the kitchen and dining room. This is where Scott will be creating all his delicious food right in front of our 15 lucky guests each service. Again this room is going to be stunning especially in the summer with the sun light coming through our large windows. If you've been to Potten End you can already see that Tring is going to be very special indeed. 

There's still a huge amount of work to be done in order to hit our late April opening target but we have some great builders onboard. Over the next few weeks well continue stripping bits out and start re-wiring & plumbing the building from top to bottom. 

I'll finish this post by saying a huge thank you to the people of Tring and especially the local businesses. We've had a huge amount of support from local businesses and can't say thank you enough. Keep an eye for more news of these superstars who are 100% behind Crockers Tring. 

Thanks for reading and check back next week for more news! 


January Menu

As we approach the end of a fantastic year we prepare to bring you yet another great tasting menu.

January Tasting Menu

Bread – Tring Brewery beer bread with whipped Marmite butter.

Snacks – To be eaten with your fingers.

Onion* – Onion cooked in beef fat, mushroom, thyme and Montgomery cheddar.

Hake – Cornish Hake , cauliflower, bacon, monks beard.

Duck* – Goosnargh Duck, turnip, clementine, nasturtium.

Premier Cheese – Cheese from Eric Charriaux’s van.

Pre Dessert

Chocolate* – White chocolate, rhubarb and ginger.

* denotes the courses on the three course menu

Bookings are already open and filling up fast for January, February and March. Don’t miss out on these last months in Potten End before our big move to Tring in April, book your seats now.

Crockers 2.0 – Say hello to our new home

The time has come to finally reveal where we will be moving our little restaurant to. Scott and I first viewed this property in early June 2017 and have been keeping this little secret the whole time. Trust me it has been hard and I’ve wanted to tell everyone all the time!

So where are we off to? Come Spring 2018 we will be making the beautiful market town of Tring our new home. A lot of people have guessed it and many have seen the notifications in the local papers. I apologise to those that we have completely denied the fact we’re moving to Tring to. I wanted to keep it quiet until we had planning permission and signed the lease. Where in Tring will we be? We’re taking over the old Hyatt’s Photography Studio just down from the library.

I’m sure a lot of people will want to know why we chose to move to Tring? There have been plenty of guests giving their opinions on where we should move to, especially when not asked for. As with Potten End it was a stroke of luck. I was in speaking with Ben and Kate at Campfire Gin saying I was finding it hard to find another venue. Ben mentioned that the Hyatt’s building was becoming available, how he knew I don’t know but Ben is very well connected in the town.

A quick bit of digging led to me to find out who the agent was and a viewing was booked very quickly. The rest as they say is history. Obviously our guests have been very interested in where we are moving and I hope that they will find this as exciting as we do. We will be converting the ground floor into a wine & cocktail bar, the first floor will become the new Chef’s Table with a big view into the new open kitchen.

When will we open? We already have people begging to book in to our new Tring home but we currently don’t have an opening date. We are aiming for an opening in April at this time but that will be confirmed as soon as possible. I’m currently working on a new website for Crockers Tring which should be finished and live for bookings in January. If any of our guests have any questions please drop me an email at and make sure you find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll be documenting the works and progress as we work towards opening our new home.


Valentines 2018

Treat the one you love to something very special this Valentines.

What do you get the one you love this valentines? The usual chocolates and flowers? Or perhaps a little something special?

We will be running a very special menu for Valentines 2018 created by Scott for one week only.

Book your seats and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine on arrival before enjoying our special 5 course menu. Scott is going to create a beautiful tasting menu so you can show just how much that special someone means.

We will be running this one off 5 course menu from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th for just £65 per person. You can then enjoy a special valentines tasting menu on the 16th & 17th for just £75 per person.

Book your seats now before it’s too late.

December’s Menu

So what delights will Scott be creating over the festive period?

It’s with great regret that I have to tell you all that we won’t be serving typical Christmas fare. There will be no dry turkey, wild mushroom pastry parcels and cranberry sauce.

As ever with Crockers we’re doing things a little differently, have a look below to see what Scott has planned.

Snacks – To be eaten with your fingers.

Bread – Tring Brewery beer bread with shipped marmite butter.

Salmon* – Loch Duart salmon, smoked oil, horseradish, dill, beetroot & rye.

Brill – Poached Cornish brill, salsify, mushrooms & cockles.

Pork* – Confit pork belly, black pudding, kale, celeriac & apple.

Premier Cheese – Cheese from Eric Charriaux’s van.

Pre Dessert

Chocolate* – Chocolate & star anise cremeaux, poached pear, yogurt & hazelnut.

*dishes on the three course menu

Crockers 2.0 – A few speed bumps along the way

“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it”

I came across this quote a little over a year ago. I was trying to find a way to finance Crockers Chef’s Table in Potten End and coming up dry at every turn. It was incredibly hard and to be honest I was about to give up. I then found this quote which somehow gave me another little push. The rest as they say is history.

It seems the same now applies as we try and make the dream for Crockers 2.0 a reality. Scott and I originally viewed our new location in June this year. I naively thought we would be up and running by the end of November. You’d think after a year in business in Potten End the naive optimism may have worn off.

I have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes mostly trying to get solicitors to talk to each nicely. Sorry if you’re in the legal game but oh my god how do they ever achieve anything. It’s like to animals fluffing their feathers all day long. Anyway, just as we finally come the end of the legal bits we hit another speed bump in the road. The joys of planning! What should have been a simple application could now go to a planning committee possibly adding another month on to the schedule.

Now I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so I guess there’s a good reason for this.

The latest speed bump appeared just this weekend. It turns out we need to triple the power supply which means a new connection. Unfortunately due to our new location (all will be revealed soon…….I hope) this means a 14 week wait for the connection.

You know it’s not so much the frustration of delaying the opening that bothers me but the fact that we have so many amazing guests and fans that want to come. Scott and I are so grateful for the fact everyone is just as excited as us. We’re both desperate to let everyone know where we’re moving to and when. Hopefully it won’t be long now.

Scott and I are looking forward to a busy few weeks leading to our short break our Christmas. We’ll be back in Potten End in the new year before opening our new location in the Spring.

Fingers crossed for no more speed bumps in the road.


Book your seats for January & February now!

Grab the last chance to join us in Potten End.

Our new venue has hit a few speed bumps so we have decided to re-open in Potten End for January & February. We were hoping to be welcoming you all to our new venue in late January. Unfortunately we need a little more time to make it perfect for all of our guests. We already have a few lucky people booked in so don’t miss your chance to say goodbye to our little place in Potten End.

We will be open after our Christmas break on January 12th all the way through to March 1st.

Seats are now available to book online via our booking page.

Want to know more about Crockers 2.0? All the details will be revealed very soon but in the meantime take a look at this post for a sneak peak.

Number 1 on TripAdvisor

Thank you to everyone that has left a review and shown your support!

At the end of last week we had some great news. With the help of all of our wonderful guests that have left us reviews and feedback, we have made it to number 1 on TripAdvisor in Berkhamsted.

Scott and I have been working incredibly hard to create a special dining experience that our guests will love. There have been many long days but all the hard work is well worth it when we receive something like this. Fingers crossed this is just the beginning and we’re both very exciting about what the future will bring for us and our guests at our new venue.

If you have been and experienced Scott’s fantastic food we would love to hear from you. You can leave us a review on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google.

Sorry for the short post this week, we’re busy with meetings getting everything in place to start work on our new venue and announce where we’re off to later this month.

Have a great week everyone!


What’s happening with Crockers 2.0

So you may have heard that we’re moving to a bigger venue in 2018. Obviously all of our guests want to know all about it. Where are we moving to? What’s it going to be like? Unfortunately there’s only so much I can say at the moment but I thought I would give everyone a little update.


Where is Crockers 2.0 going to be?

We are currently finalising the lease on our new home so can’t quite confirm it’s location just yet. Trust me there’s nothing I want more than to let everyone know where we’re headed. It won’t be far from our current location so you don’t have to worry about getting to us. There’s better transport connections and even loads of parking.

When are we opening?

This all depends on when we sign the lease and can get our contractors in. The venue we have needs a lot of work but we’re aiming for an opening in late January or Early February. We were hoping for mid January but that may now be unrealistic.


Will it be the same concept? 

Scott and I have worked hard to create a truly unique dining experience. The interactive, immersive experience you get with us while enjoying amazing food is what we’re all about. Crockers 2.0 will certainly be the same just a bit bigger. We will have enough space to seat 15 guests, still around a “U” shaped table so everyone will have a great view.

So what’s new? 

One of the first things we learnt from opening Crockers was that we needed a bar. A place where guests could come and meet the rest of their group and enjoy a drink together before dinner. Well that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Our new venue will have a cocktail/wine bar to serve around 20 guests. It will serve a place to meet before dinner or simply to enjoy a drink. We will also be offering a range of small snacks, our famous Tring Brewery Beer Bread and English Cheese platters.

If you want to know more about our new venue or would like to enquire about provisional bookings please drop me an email to

Have a great week!


November’s Menu

Take a look at what Scott has planned for our lucky guests in November.


Seven Course Tasting Menu


Snacks – To Be Eaten With Your Fingers

Bread – Tring Brewery Beer Bread with Whipped Marmite Butter

*Beef – Crispy Beef Short Rib, Shiitake Mushroom, Soy, Black Garlic & Radish

Octopus – Octopus, Chorizo, Black Olive & Basil

*Pheasant – Pheasant, Bacon, Parsley Root & Sprouts

Premier Cheese – Cheese From Eric Charriaux’s Van

Pre Dessert

*Carrot – Carrot Cake, Frozen Cream Cheese, Cardamom & Orange

*Dishes on Three Course Menu

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