What’s happening with Crockers 2.0

So you may have heard that we’re moving to a bigger venue in 2018. Obviously all of our guests want to know all about it. Where are we moving to? What’s it going to be like? Unfortunately there’s only so much I can say at the moment but I thought I would give everyone a little update.


Where is Crockers 2.0 going to be?

We are currently finalising the lease on our new home so can’t quite confirm it’s location just yet. Trust me there’s nothing I want more than to let everyone know where we’re headed. It won’t be far from our current location so you don’t have to worry about getting to us. There’s better transport connections and even loads of parking.

When are we opening?

This all depends on when we sign the lease and can get our contractors in. The venue we have needs a lot of work but we’re aiming for an opening in late January or Early February. We were hoping for mid January but that may now be unrealistic.


Will it be the same concept? 

Scott and I have worked hard to create a truly unique dining experience. The interactive, immersive experience you get with us while enjoying amazing food is what we’re all about. Crockers 2.0 will certainly be the same just a bit bigger. We will have enough space to seat 15 guests, still around a “U” shaped table so everyone will have a great view.

So what’s new? 

One of the first things we learnt from opening Crockers was that we needed a bar. A place where guests could come and meet the rest of their group and enjoy a drink together before dinner. Well that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Our new venue will have a cocktail/wine bar to serve around 20 guests. It will serve a place to meet before dinner or simply to enjoy a drink. We will also be offering a range of small snacks, our famous Tring Brewery Beer Bread and English Cheese platters.

If you want to know more about our new venue or would like to enquire about provisional bookings please drop me an email to hello@crockerschefstable.co.uk

Have a great week!


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